Learn Spanish online with AulaDiez, Spanish courses on line with personal tutorials. Spanish grammar, Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Languages (D.E.L.E.), practice of different skills, vocabulary and training for Spanish language teachers.
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Learning Spanish is easy with AulaDiez courses. With our course of Spanish grammar, the preparation courses for Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (D.E.L.E), our free didactic resources and the training course for Spanish language teachers; you will learn Spanish online at your own pace. The majority of our Spanish courses have personal tutorials. We adapt us to your style and needs for learning Spanish.

Directora Acádemica AulaDiez español online

"AulaDiez is the preferred site for students to learn Spanish online, given that every student can take advantage of personal tutorials run by our teachers throughout the language learning process."

Learn Spanish grammar online

Spanish grammar coursesLearning Spanish in a structured way is possible thanks to the Spanish grammar courses that explains the rules of grammar and also contains interactive exercises to practice every grammatical topic. Furthermore, in the grammar courses that have tutorials you can point out any doubts you have about how to use the grammar to your teacher.

Practice of different Spanish language skills

Spanish language skillsThe Spanish language skills courses permit you to learn Spanish, developing reading, listening, writing and oral skills in a specific way. AulaDiez has specific courses to develop separately listening, reading, writing and oral skills.