Spanish grammar courses online with interactive exercises and individual tutorials by native Spanish teachers.
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How to learn Spanish grammar online

Our courses will not only help you learn the rules of grammar but also, through doing exercises, allow you to practice the grammar you learn. Your tutor will correct each of your exercises. All our courses give you the possibility of posing your grammar doubts to a teacher who will act as a grammar corrector.

Spanish grammar courseFichas Gramaticales

Spanish grammar course
Tablas Gramaticales

Spanish grammar courseClaves para el Uso del Sistema Verbal Español

Spanish grammar coursePrácticas de Gramática Comunicativa en Español

We help you to learn the Spanish grammar

Spanish Grammar Course Fichas GramaticalesThe Fichas Gramaticales is a complete Spanish grammar course with special comprehension exercises, divided into 54 chapters. These include, among others: compound sentences, periphrases, the infinitive, the gerund, the participles, superlatives, adjectives, adverbs, pronominal verbs, etc.

Spanish grammar course Tablas GramaticalesThe Tablas Gramaticales consist of 20 useful schemes with exercises that cover the following subjects, among others: prepositions, demonstratives, possessives, personal pronouns, auxiliary verbs, regular conjugation and irregular verbs.

Spanish grammar course ClavesClaves para el Uso del Sistema Verbal Español is a Spanish grammar course including exercises for handling the Spanish verb system. This interactive Spanish course deals with the following subjects: indicative tenses, conditionals, the imperative, subjunctive tenses, impersonal verb forms, the passive, indirect speech, etc.

Spanish Grammar coursePrácticas de Gramática Comunicativa is a course for the development of communicative grammar with the use of different types of exercises as auditions, reading, writing and not just only grammatical exercises. This course is designed as a complement to any traditional grammar course and oriented to the use of grammatical knowledge in concrete communicative situations.